Success Stories


 Here's A. Chan.  Smokin HOTT Mama.  She has been training with me since April, 2012.  When she started with me, she wanted to lean out for a photo shoot.  After slowly pulling her weight down, eating REAL Food, she decided to compete in her 2nd competition ever in her life.  She will be the first to tell you, it was a much more enjoyable prep than her first.  As a trainer, I was more concerned about her metabolic health before and AFTER the competition.  She still maintains a very healthy weight post the November, 2012 competition and is currently on the FMAH competing team gearing up for her 5th competition October 2015! 



Not everyone is ready to show their before and afters.... But here is a pic of all the old clothes that don't fit one of my current clients!  Love getting updates like this from my lil group.  It motivates me as much as it motivates themselves!!!!!


In addition to my competing clients, 2/3 of my clients are regular mamas desiring that Smokin HOTT bod! Well, here is Leigh Ann Watson. She has been training with FMAH a lil over 2 months... Leighann has lost 5.5 inches on the waist and over 3 inches off the HIPS! Check out this smokin HOTT picture of my very CONFIDENT and absolutely stunning client taken last weekend! She is a very busy working mom of TWO Teenage Daughters!!! So PROUD OF LEIGHANN! Keep working the PLAN!


Testimonial From J.Y.
I met Susie quite some time ago when she was visiting Alaska.  Her sprit and her honesty make her unforgettable.  In the years after I met Susie my life changed, I injured my arm and put on some weight, then I had a baby and of course gained some weight.  I decided November 2012 that enough was enough.  I made the decision that I needed to get fit,  I remembered Susie and I decided to contact her. 

From the first phone call I knew I was in good hands. She asked me to create long term and short term goal.  My long term goals were to live a healthier live and to lower of my chances of getting diabetes.  I had gestational diabetes while pregnant and the chances of it becoming regular diabetes are very high.  My first short term goal was to get under 200 lbs.  I started Fit Mamas At Home the week after Thanksgiving.  The meals were easy to follow and left me feeling full all-day.  The workouts were set up for me and were challenging but not too time consuming.  I have a busy life and I really had to make the commitment to complete my workouts and make this a lifestyle change.  I live in the real world and things come up Susie gives you the tools to deal with these, whether it be a cardio routine that I do at home after I get the little one to sleep or altering a meal to fit with my busy work schedule. 

I started off the program at 220.6 pounds.  I took everything day by day.  I was able to stick to the meal plans because they were all set up and organized at the beginning of the day and I was able to get my cardio workout in during my lunch break at work and my weight training in after work before daycare closes.  It is important to me to get everything taken care of because my husband works shift work so for a week at a time I operate like a single mom.  Susie gave me tools and encouragement needed.  Throughout the holiday season, I was able to make smart decisions and I am proud to say that I even lost weigh. 

Every week I have been in the program I have lost weight and inches.  I just finished my second month today and I am now 197.4 pounds and I am down two pants sizes.  Susie is teaching me the tools I need in order to make this a lifestyle.  I have reached my first short term goal! This is the first time in 3 years that I have weighted under 200 pounds and it is the first time in 7 years I have weighed less than my husband!  Susie has also taught me to celebrate my successes but things other than food!  MASSAGE HERE I COME!  I owe a lot to Susie and her FMAH program; I am excited to see where the next 4 months take me.  Swim suit here I come!
Testimonial From C. C.
When I was introduced to Susie and her program I was lost, scared, doubtful, and tired. I had been dieting off and on with one of the top coaches in the World for over a year while constantly taking one step forward and two back. I thought that the only way to get anywhere was two hours of cardio a day, meals of fish/asparagus, and NO SOCIAL LIFE. I recently saw one of my best friends have astonishing results with Susie and that was all I needed. I emailed her immediately.

Almost 8 weeks into the program Susie has changed my life. I look and feel like a new person. There is constant support via daily texts and weekly phone calls. I can tell you no one else has ever been so supportive. There's a Facebook group with all of her clients that allows you to see you aren't alone, you aren't the only one with questions, and that people are here to support you without any benefit of their own. The road to doing a physique competition can be a lonely one, but it doesn't have to be.

Here is SCARLETT BECK!   When she first began attending my classes, she never believed she could run a 5K, let alone actually do it!   This SATURDAY, Scarlett will be running a 5K!  She told me several weeks ago, she was thinking about it....  She asked me if I thought she could do it?  Really, you sweat your butt off with us 3 times a week and have improved 150% in strength and endurance....Of course you can.  Their is NO GOAL you cannot reach as long as you set your mind to it.  (wow, I sound like MY MOM!) 

So, Scarlet picked a date.  She has been training for weeks to run this 5K.  Even on a weekend vacation at the lake, Scarlett and Diane (another workout club mama) took their weights and worked out on the dock!  They have learned from me that this is a LIFESTYLE!  It's not just on one day and off the next....If they want to get the results, Intentions + Actions = RESULTS!  It is ONGOING.   I just smile knowing that "everything in life happens for a reason."  And MY reason for finally conquering my lifelong battle of yoyo dieting was to help OTHERS figure out how to do the same! 


 Diane has lost 38lbs and 18 inches!!! Initially, when I asked her about what goals she would like to set, she told me she just wanted to be healthier. Diane didn’t have a “magic number” for the scale and her goal was to work hard, diet harder and see where she would land! From day 1, Diane has adopted healthier eating habits into her lifestyle and on the days she wasn’t training with me, she was still getting her exercise in. Diane has been LITERALLY SHRINKING in front of our eyes! She continues to be a role model for other moms and her family!

Are you married?   I have been married for 14 years to a wonderful man (Jimmie). He is originally from Charleston SC and was a client at our Insurance agency for several years and finally met on a blind date in Cherokee NC on February 16th 1996 and married Sept 16th 1996 – I guess you just know when it is the right person!

Do you have Children?  We have one daughter (Rebecca – age 10 ½) and a Sheltie dog (Maggie – age 6). Rebecca is in the 5th grade and very active in school activities and loves horses.
What city and state are you from? I am a true Georgia Peach girl grew up in Douglasville Ga, currently live in Hoschton, Ga.

What about your Hobbies?   I would not say that I personally have any hobbies, my husband might disagree with that and say I spend way too much time shopping – but now that I have lost 38 pounds I have a great reason to shop.

What is your profession? Senior Account Manager for a local Insurance Agency

How did you discover Fit Mamas At Home? Through our subdivision website

Why do you like Fit Mamas At Home? For me, it is very convenient that I do not have to drive to a gym. We train in our subdivision and our trainers home gym, this way I don’t give myself the excuse that the gym is overcrowded or too far out of my way.

Tell us some of the results you have achieved: I still find myself amazed at the results I have achieved at the age of 47. When I started the program I was wearing a size 16 now currently wearing a size 10 with a total of 18 inches lost.

What is your favorite exercise? Anything to do with Cardio

What is your favorite healthy food? Grilled Fish

What is your favorite “cheat” food? Breakfast Foods

Anything else you would like to add? Having a personal trainer / coach is not only life changing for me, but it gives me someone that I am accountable too. Her determination and spirit keeps everyone going through the good and rough times.