Competition Prep

Thinking about competing in a Fitness Competition?  Is it for YOU? 

So when I began this journey at 210lbs, I never in a million years thought I would be competing in a figure competition 15months later. It WAS NOT my goal. My initial goal was to be hotter than my EX hubby (yes, seriously!) and wear single digit clothing.
However, because I have competed in over 25 comps since July 2009, I have learned alot about MYSELF and others. I am also fascinated each time I prep and the amazing changes my body goes through (especially the last 2 weeks) I am amazed at the dedication, focus and commitment I can give to myself. Yes, that is what it takes to compete. It is not for someone that DOESN'T have the belief in themselves. So if I had to do it all over again, would I make the same decision? OH YES! You know why? It is my competing that has led me to another path in my journey I had NO IDEA would transpire merely because I finally started helping myself and putting me first. I inspire other women that didn't have the belief they could attempt the weightloss for themselves.

The hard fast truth about competing is the subjectional judging criteria that is delivered. There is NO SET criteria. I can show up at one comp and place DEAD LAST (oh yes, that has happened to me:) and show up the next week at another and place 2nd in my class. If you decide to compete, my best advice is to always COMPARE your own pictures to how you looked PREVIOUSLY....THAT IS TRULY the difference maker for me and other girls that compete. If I worried so much about my placing all the time, I would've quit A LONG TIME AGO! But guess what I do have, I have the knowledge, confidence, and poise that I didn't have before I ever stepped on that stage. And I love my look! Competing has dropped 10 years off of me, seriously! I can style my hair and apply makeup like a model now! I'm almost 42 and I finally just learned this! lol

It's all a learning experience for me and if you let competing mess with your head, you'll always be disappointed.

Competing can be what YOU make it. It takes LIFE BALANCE, Commitment, Dedication, and Focus. It can be very REWARDING or BRING YOU DOWN TO YOUR KNEES....It's like anything else in life, its all in YOUR attitude and how you view it.

Competing is not for the weak...that is for sure. You better have some thick skin.  I highly encourage anyone that is thinking about competing, try it at least once. But go in with the attitude YOU ALREADY WON the minute you step on stage. Because guess what, you DID! You're on stage instead of sitting in the audience wishing you had what it took to get there!

Need help with Competition Prep?  Contact me for specific pricing....includes all the basics of diet and training plus getting hair, makeup, suit selection and tanning ready for that big day.  Its the little details that make the most impact on stage!!!  They don't call me STAGE MAMA SUSIE for nothing!